A fashion scene is taking shape in Monaco 

Made in Monaco does exist, as demonstrated by MARLEA, born in June 2021. A new brand created by two friends during the pandemic: Marine and Léa.

This is how they imagine their ideal dressing room, which smells of vacations and the Côte d'Azur. Jumpsuits for the hottest days, embroidered outfits with feathered edges for the evening. A collection in their image, feminine, free and colorful, to be found exclusively at Metropole Shopping in Monaco.



MARLEA is the brand from Monaco which, through its collections, conveys the Monegasque universe at affordable prices: the meeting of luxury and accessibility. Inspiration comes first and foremost from the principality, with cuts that are very Côte d'Azur , but also through prints inspired from all over the world, but especially from India: where one of the designers, Léa, lives. It's a mix between two worlds where everything clashes:India , with its unparalleled know-how, and Monaco, known for its glitter, casinos and wild parties.

Marine and Léa also draw inspiration from their travels, museums, books, cushions, wallpaper, plates... nothing escapes them! As for the embroideries, they were born out of a desire to share Indian know-how. They are among the best in the field, and it's a heritage they wish to share through their creations. Naturally, the collections feature colorful, festive and feminine pieces to accompany women on every occasion, from morning to night.


All prints are imagined before being printed on carefully selected fabrics. A true signature of the label, these prints make each piece unique to the MARLEA identity.

MARLEA represents the woman who travels, an epicurean, who never has much room in her suitcase, who loves to watch the sunset in a bohemian maxi-skirt and then finish the night in a sequin dress. MARLEA is for all ages, with exclusive models and limited quantities. And that's what we love.



SUSTAINABLE: All our prints are created in-house using organic Japanese inks. We make it a point of honor to work with sustainable fabrics and materials of natural origin, such as cotton, viscose and silk.

ETHICAL: Our partners and factories are carefully selected to ensure an ethical and transparent production chain. As such, most of our factories are certified, and have an eco-responsible approach, using production processes with a low ecological footprint. We visit each factory regularly to check that employees' rights are respected.  

RESPONSIBLE: Making beautiful clothes in a beautiful way. Collections are designed with integrity to last. Production is limited to avoid surplus. Fabric scraps are used to make accessories such as scrunchies, headbands, clutches...

GIRL POWER: Marine & Léa. The two of us manage the entire brand: from creation and design of the collections to sales, strategy and communication. The collections are designed by two women for women. With MARLEA, we create what we'd like to wear every day, with one mantra: to sublimate women.